Car Show

Pacific Waterland

Pacific Waterland car show is the largest show of it’s kind in the Pacific Northwest. It’s a showcase for the best VWs and Audis in the Pacific Northwest.


September 13th, 2020

Car Show: $25/car Swap Meet: (10x10) $25/spot  Drag Racing: $50/car

Car Show Information:

$25/car, includes 1 general admission. Payment for show is at the admission booth at Woodburn Dragstrip, day of show.
1st thru 3rd place trophies.

Each car show participant will receive a free picture of their car in front of the Pacific Waterland banner.

Each car show participant can race in the Show Queen Shootout.


Judging will be from 12:00 to 2:00.  View the judging guidelines here.

Show Queen Shoot Out:

All car show participants can race in the Show Queen Shootout for fastest car.

Winner will receive $100.

Register at the Events Booth the day of the show.

Contact Us

Pacific Waterland is hosted by Double J Motorwerks. Visit our website at