Car Show

Pacific Waterland Legends

A new category for 2024!

We are excited to announce Pacific Waterland Legends is a new category to the Pacific Waterland line up. It will be up to 25 cars that are the Best of the Best. These cars will compete for 1st thru 3rd in this category as well as Best In Show. They will be parked in a special VIP section, receive special prizes, and will be judged by a team of 3 people. The 3 judges that will work together to judge each car individually. Please fill out the Legends application by August 15, 2024.

Judged Car Show – How It Works

An update on our judging for 2024! The Pacific Waterland 2024 Judged section will be moving from 1st thru 3rd places in each category to Best of Category.

The best of each category will be selected unanimously by 5 person committee of enthusiasts. Each committee person will walk around the show making their selections. The committee will come together to discuss their favorites. The final decision must be a unanimous one. Trophies will be handed out at the cars.

Judged car show participants will be parked in the Judged section of the car show. These participants are eligible for the Show Queen Show off and additional Day of Show special categories. 


September 8th, 2024

Judged Car Show: $30/car

Non-Judged Car Show: $25/car
($30 at the gate)

Judged Car Show Categories


Early VW: Fox/Dasher/Quantum
MKI Golf/Rabbit/Cabriolet (1975-1984)
MKI Rabbit Pickup (1980-1983)
MKI Jetta (1980-1984)
Scirocco (1975-1988)
MKII Golf/GTI (1985-1992)
MKII Jetta (1985-1992)
MKIII Golf/GTI/Cabrio (1993-2002)
MKIII Jetta (1993-1999)
Corrado (1990-1995)
MKIV Golf/GTI (1999.5-2005)
MKIV R32/20th/337 (2002-2005)
MKIV Jetta (1999.5-2005)
MKV Golf/GTI/Rabbit (2006-2009)
MKV R32 (2005-2009)
MKV Jetta (2005.5-2009)
MKVI Golf/GTI (2010-2014)
MKVI Golf R (2010-2017)
MKVI Jetta (2010-2014)
MKVII Golf/GTI (2015-2018)
MKVII Jetta (2015-2019)
MKVII Golf R/MKVIII Golf R (2019-2024)
MKVIII Golf/GTI (2022-2024)
MKVIII Jetta (2020-2024)
Beetle/New Beetle (1998-2019)
Early Passat B3-B5 (1990-2005)
Passat/CC B6-B9 (2006-2024)
Vanagon/Eurovan/Routan (1982-2012)
VW Special Edition: Tourag/Tiguan/Phaeton/Atlas/Eos/ID4/Taos
Air Cooled Bug
Air Cooled Bus
Air Cooled Other: Karmann Ghia/Thing/Squareback


Early Audi: 4000/5000/80/90/100/200/Coupe
B5 A4/S4
B6 A4/S4
B7 A4/S4
B8 A4/S4
B9 A4/S4
Audi TT
Audi Special Edition: A8/R8/S8

Be a Volunteer Judge!

New for 2024 – Pacific Waterland is moving away from a traditional judges format to a 5 person committee of enthusiasts. We are looking for well-rounded qualified candidates to be on the 5 person committee that will select the best of each category. The candidate must be fairly knowledgeable on all aspects of a car. They will be working with 4 other individuals to unanimously decide the winner of each category. They can work individually or with another to discuss, look, and select the car they determine is worthy of contention. The 5 person committee will be working from 10:00 to Noon.